Venue : @CryptoMalluClub

Date : 24th July 2021

Time : 02:00 PM UTC

Guest : JM , HiFi Defi Founder

👋Hello Chat , Welcome to a special AMA session with HiFi Gaming Society ♥️🚀

Let’s welcome all the special guest JM (@HiFiSociety ) to this wonderful section🔥🚀

I’m JM, it’s wonderful to be here with all of you! Can’t wait to share more about HIFI.


Q1) Can you briefly describe what is HIFI DEFI ? We would like to know more about it and how it works ?

HiFi Gaming Society is a Play-to-Earn Retro Video Gaming platform and we’re building an entire ecosystem for the blockchain gamer to develop a reputation to build stats, eventually compete in contests, and tournaments. There will be additional things we will build like Game Farms, NFT Marketplace and all that but first, we want to build our base around gaming.

Kindly add us to twitter:

Our product will require users to stake (deposit) tokens onto the platform to activate certain features. Users will stake HIFI tokens to:

1) activate the actual gameplay (PLAY)
2) activate the rewards you can earn for playing games (EARN)
3) and you can buy items and first HiFi branded NFT to boost rewards (BOOST)

As a user, you can earn rewards (more HIFI tokens) by “participating” in the platform. Participation is based on specific criteria:
# Daily Logins
Total Play Time
Plays Per Day
Challenges W/L
User Level
Amount Staked

As a daily gamer, you earn HIFI rewards that can be claimed every 24 hours for your effort in our ecosystem.

We will incentivize users to focus on these different areas of participation in a competition style.

We are RIGHT NOW, doing final checks before moving our beta community over to the MAINNET. We’ve deployed to the MAINNET!

These rankings 👆 are based on your user analytics profile.
We track your gameplay. You can begin building a career out of playing games, earning rewards, and competing to develop a reputation.

You want to save the HIFI you earn to enter contests and competitions.The more you play, the more you earn HIFI, the more the

HIFI opens up a lifestyle we’ll build into the ecosystem for all stakeholders, including investors, traders, players, gamers, viewers, developers, and studios!

Q2) What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

Oh yes….and this is a very important distinction and differentiation that moves HIFI beyond a simple Play To Earn Platform… please everyone, make sure you understand play to earn is part of our larger strategy of growing an audience and building integrity in our gaming analytics platform.

I wanted to find a way to unlock the value of time investment we, as gamers, contribute to our games.

You know how on youtube, users would upload videos and at first, Youtube would take down the content if “the youtube police” found something uploaded by someone who wasn’t the content creator.

But then an incentive structure came arouind to help keep users happy by keeping the content up regardless of who created. They used ads and other incentives to reward the content creators…….hmmmmm?

How do we make something like this in defi/crypto without the ads?!!

What if we combined those concepts into a video gaming platform with many libraries wetting the appetite of many gamers?

We’re building the incentive layer for 3rd party gaming developers/studios to list their older titles that aren’t getting bought or played. Incentivizing them in the same way youtube incentivizes creators, but we use stats like “Play Time” and “Plays Per Day.”

Q3) Can you speak a few things on the tokenomics and tokensales details of your project?

Tokenomics define our economy and are core to valuable projects.

Let’s dig in……


Gameplay is our key performance indicator! Gameplay drives our economy. It is the engine. HIFI has a total supply of 1,000,000,000.

20% were used for the IAO at ApeSwap
15% are lock for the team
15% for game developers support
20% Ecosystem support
30% Genesis Gameplay Mining

Each transaction builds toward gamers increasing reputation and usage of the platform. This will attract the gaming studios.

Q4) Partnership are important part of a project . Can you breifly describe about your partnership with different projects?

First and foremost our flagship partner is with ApeSwap. They made the decision to host our Initial Ape Offering (IDO) and it was wildly successfully. Like a said before we were over subscribed by 5000% around 50X what we aimed for in terms of investment. So we know there is a strong appetite for what we are building.

Partnerships make or break a defi crypto company, as well as gaming companies! Think about when Atari discovers HIFI and decides they can reactivate revenue on all of their old retro titles!!! Our audience loves games from 10–20–30 years ago that are collecting dust not getting played on the shelves of our future gaming partners.

Disclaimer: ATARI isn’t our partner (yet) but we are coming for them because we understand how much value we will provide.

These are the value chains we are pursuing!

We’ve started discussions on several fronts including gaming companies/developers, to attract GenZ and other gamer audiences, other gaming developers who can list their games to reactivate their audiences, discussions with influencers, twitch streamers, other blockchains who asked us to expand (2 at the moment we are holding on until after we build value in BSC ecosystem post launch), and we are also talking with big-time crypto companies to prepare for the next levels of scaling when we hit our milestones.

Interest is coming from everywhere right now and we are building internal tools to filter signal from the noise, prepare for scaling, and we have hundreds of beta testing gamer partners active in our discord gaming community about to join us on MainNet.

Come join us! Maybe you’ll get lucky and gain access to our platform, we are interviewing testers. ;)

We have a growth mindset over the long term. It’s a journey marathon, not a sprint.

Q5) Can you mention he future plans for HIFI DEFI and can you share us the roadmap for coming quaters..??

First! Read my latest article. You’ll be hearing more from me in writings and on biweekly youtube product vision discussions, and hopefully various collaborations with defi, crypto, and gaming influencers. Now that our people, processes, resources, and development pipeline is coming of age, I can start focusing on the most important thing. YOU!

One of my favorites on our HIFI Soundscapes album…..

Our community is a global one. Looking forward to sharing more about our international operation and teams located in Hong Kong, Netherlands, Argentina, and the US of A.

We may be a world apart but we are UNITED in one major cause with HIFI.

Our company is driven by the primary core value of UNITY.

It drives our decision making.

For example, we host a weekly vote for our community to decide what game is launched next on our platform.


Q1) Are there any limitations of using the ur token service, like IP restrictions, Country lock, etc? Most people see the cryptocurrency world as pretty wild and woolly. Is ur token safe as you claimed?

Our primary goal is to validate the hypothesis we have:

How can gamers harness value from gameplay and take us beyond traditional gaming environments into a universal gaming-centric, participation and reward-based economy?

We have data supporting proof we are on to something really special here. This is exciting to see because it allows us to start considering questions about where are the limitations??? How do we overcome them.

In our circles, people see crypto and retro gaming as as a lifestyle. We have moved beyond questions crypto’s legitimacy. This question doesn’t fit anymore. We know what crypto is capable and now it becomes about the narrative and telling stories to showcase testimonials about all of the value driven by DEFI, Crypto, Blockchain, and the gradience effect it is having on humanity.

Think Bigger, friends. We have to follow compliance and regulatory frameworks (and we are!) and we’ll make sure we keep our ecosystem safe from bad actors. This is why we work closely with auditors who are most important now because over the next 3–6 months we’ll be releasing a storm of innovation that, frankly, doesn’t exist. We are innovators and there isn’t a playbook on how to audit our technology because we invented it. So having close relationships with security, compliance, auditors to help us find our blindspots is an iterative, ongoing process.

We are actually having to educate auditors on auditing-as-a-service in blockchain.

How can you work in blockchain when the risks are high without having ongoing discussions with certified professionals who are there to protect your most important asset. The people and their investments! We value safety and security.

We are in the wild west, afterall!

At this time No IP locks.

As we evolve we will enhance KYC and AML procedures, as instructed by our legal and compliance team. Right now, we are still validating the market.

Q2) Its promising when there is a product on table,and the team hav done a gr8 job in the recently launched Beta version of the platform.I would like to know,how can a freelance game devoloper make use of the platform?If i wanted to,will i be able to devolop a game for the platform?

There will be several onramps for a Game Developer / Game Studio to bring value to HiFi Gaming Society in the form of increasing demand with original game creations, pre-existing games built by the creator, and longer term, we want to create an SDK for self service ingestion when we are ready for mass scaling. I worked for a YouTube analytics company ini California. I learned a lot and realized you need a big audience before you can attract the big brands.

To the independent developer, we are actually in a handful of discussions coming from different developers who would fit into different gaming libraries (such as retro, PC/Console, Mobile, NFT, etc). So we are actively working with a financial consulting team to design the models for the various types of 3rd parties who will get to share their game and gameplay with our Gamer Audience.

Right now I encourage game studios to go through a discovery process, keep us on their radar, reach out and introduce yourself and your interest, and in our newest website evolution we will have user journeys outlined for our key stakholders including Game Developers and we’ll have an intake channel to ensure our objectives align. Spoiler Alert! Our platform is designed to create UNITY and harmony between Game Developers/Game Studios, Investors, and Gamers.

Join our community and stay connected!

We are also going to build our own games!

Q3)Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like your?

Yes of course. It’s a very interesting manifestation involving many people closest to me in my life. Beginning with my family and my parents. I grew up in Manhattan New York and my parents owned a vinyl record store. Right away I was deep into the roots of nostalgia.

Over the years I always found I connected with people who embraced pup culture from the past. I come from USA and I’ve worked in Silicon Valley and currently “Silicon Beach” in Southern California is my home. I’ve been working in tech startups for the past 15 years and playing video games my entire life. I’ve also developed a focus in building teams and scalable processes, identifying talent and developing talent.

When I was growing up, I always felt like there should be a way to get rewarded for all the time we spend playing video games.🎮

In recent years as blockchain has evolved I kept asking, why hasn’t anyone replaced bitcoin mining with video gameplay mining!!!??

The time we all spent playing video games was an investment and the value was locked inside the games we were playing. It was frustrating walking away from my favorite Role Playing Game (RPG) Secret of Mana on SNES where I clocked like 70 hours!

So Blockchain comes along, and I see an opportunity to unlock this value! This began my process of conceptualizing our product, HiFi Gaming Society. We believe we are creating the Youtube for Video Gameplay and this is our defense against any market forces.

👆 You can’t stop that kid from playing video games and we are a community of grown ups who were that child and now are building families of these passionate gamers.

Q4)”A BLOCKCHAIN GAMER” can you explain further what this mean for the new users just getting on the platform?

And what likely incentives should users be expecting both now and in the future?

HiFi Gaming Society is convinced gaming will become a prominent way of life in Decentralized Finance. The current DeFi doesn’t offer the serious gamer a pathway to professional gaming on the blockchain, HiFi will capitalize on this game-changing opportunity!

During our initial phase, our incentives are designed to motivate our user base to increase reputation through participation and gameplay in our platform and eventually across various levels of services experiences. Our gamers will hord HIFI to use to enter tournaments, challenge opponents in versus mode, and other competitive offerings. Gameplay performance is extremely competitive in gaming circles. Think blockchain retro gaming eSports. This is the way for our gaming population.

However, we have many other stakeholders who want to dip their toes inside HIFI experiences. The pinnacle of these experiences will come from our VIP Program: HiFi Society. I go into deeper details about HiFi Society and the experiences we aim to offer in a recent podcast I was invited in for. I was interviewed to talk about HiFi Society and everything we are building around long term retro gaming lifestyle experiences. Here is the link:

Q5) Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them?Will you have any other DeFI feature like staking, NFT in the future?

Because it is a great platform for long term holders to invest in your token…

ApeSwap is our exclusive trading partner:

Now! Let’s talk about NFTs!

Our first libraries of NFTs will represent memberships, roles, and privys. First membership access cards and we’ll also build Game Specific NFTs to gain access to exclusive NFT farms that will extend your gaming experience. We want to reinvent farming with gameplay experiences inside the farms. Right now, farms look boring from a UX standpoint.

We are scoping our NFT auction and marketplace about to begin building and it will serve as a gateway to Innovative Game Farms (yield), and experiences beyond our platform.

What we have coming will blow everyone away.

Think bigger. Imagine a gambling audience around the versus mode.

Layer 1: Playing Games
Layer 2: Versus Mode where winner wins staked HIFI by opponents.
Layer 3: Betting on the Versus Games.

HIFI transactions feeding our treasury from all of this activity.

Our ecosystem will be fruitful when we reach this stage.


Q1. FROM @JoanaZ

🔵Hifi will let user vote for the games that will be added to the website, but all games will be deployed by you? Or there exists the possibility to user publish their own custom games?

We are building the deployment lifecycle ourself. We actually have 40 games from different libraries but MainNet is only making 10 available to begin as we scale and ensure quality.

So now it is about voting weekly. Stay tuned we are about to announce the next 3 options for voting….HiFivers Unite!!

Q2. FROM @Sharaylug

Could you tell us how you are going to attract a large number of gamers to HIFI SOCIETY? What marketing strategies do you plan to implement in order to gain visibility and build a good user base?

After 🤾‍♀️ PLAY, 💰 EARN, and 🚀 BOOST services are launched and stabilized, we expect momentum in Q3 as we kickoff our video strategy. I’ll begin hosting videos on youtube to help represent why HIFI matters, define our product vision, conduct Video AMAs, and much more!

🌅You can expect our NFT auction/marketplace and game farm layers, and we’ll activate the investment beta community to help us test our DeFi innovations. The NFT’s we auction will represent memberships and avatars for each core user in our platform and ecosystem.

🥳We’re very excited about our HiFiver’s campaign in the spirit of #UNITY bringing our community together weekly to vote on a new game. You can be excited about the value chain we are creating!!!

Think bigger. Imagine a wager audience around our versus modes.

Layer 1: Playing Games
Layer 2: Versus Mode where winner wins staked HIFI by opponents.
Layer 3: Betting on the Versus Games.

HIFI transactions feeding our treasury from all of this activity.

We are about to begin sharing our stories through the powerful medium of video!

Q3. FROM @RubinNajera

How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates??

🕹Welcome to HiFi Gaming Society Official Telegram!

HiFi is the retro gaming revolution we all want! Play-to-earn gaming platform allows players to yield rewards for participating.


✅Contract Address:

🔬HiFi Gaming Society Beta Testing
Please contact @NukemDukee to request access to our beta program. When you message us, please reference the beta group, please provide your # weekly hours availability to test, state your geographic region, and tell us what your favorite retro video game is!

☑️IDO Article

🙉 APESWAP Giveaway

👩‍💼👨‍💼Marketing Inquiries
Marketing inquiries please DM @HiFiSociety and outline:

Introduction and background of point of contact, your geographic market and reach, cost, objectives, and strategy to achieve objective. Thanks!

Q4. FROM Eva

What concepts and advantages has you built for its users that makes it different from other platforms? What benefits will it provide to its users?

“Gameplay Economics”

Q5. FROM @AlifAhammad127

While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Inside HiFi Gaming Society, we are at our crossroad to MainNet, and now, it is our time. If we empower our users to generate rewards we will ignite our ecosystem’s true real value — The Gamers, The Farmers, The Investors, The Game Developers, and don’t forget…The Gaming Studios….each of our key stakeholders!

Our partners, our dreamers, and true believers within HIFI communities celebrate our passion for gaming and DeFi enabling us to manifest our gaming innovations.

Q6. FROM @FlorindaRushing

Can you tell us some of the latest achievements made by the Hifi Gaming Society ? Can you describe in details the current development efforts, such as market expansion plans, expected applications & new upcoming program of events?

We deployed our MainNet Game Factory contract and are migrating our beta community over to MainNet. Stake MainNet HIFI to activate gameplay!

Join our gamers in our discord community ( and sign up for our waiting list ( to gain access to the platform!

Stay young, my friends! See you in HiFi Gaming Society!


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